Property Management Services

Property Management Services
Property management services including Efficient Property Management, Financial Services and Professional Services. Let PC Management Partners manage your real estate portfolio by contacting us today, (519) 944-2440 or fill out the online contact form.

Efficient Property Management

To be competitive, a property must offer residential or commercial space which fulfills its tenant’s needs. Attention to the individuality of a project is a matter of pride with PC Management Partners. We recognize that each real estate portfolio is unique and demands special treatment in order to enhance its potential. Whether a property requires basic maintenance or detailed renovations, PC Management Partners specializes efficient property management services according to each client’s need.

  • Advice on renovations
  • Suggestions for general building improvements
  • Quotes on improvements and renovation cost
  • Supervision of improvements and renovation cost
  • Building manager and full-time maintenance personnel
  • Screening of prospective tenants to build desirable clientele

Financial Services

Financial responsibility to the client is a must at PC Management Partners. Complete budgetary, collection and marketing services shift the weight of financial accountability onto our knowledgeable staff without isolating the owner.

Through consistent reporting, clients are kept fully informed of their asset’s financial status.

PC Management Partners provides the following financial services depending on it’s client’s needs and investment objectives:

  • Reliable Rent Collection
  • Regular Accounting Reports
  • Monthly Financial Statements
  • Annual Budget
  • Legal Negotiation
  • Property Advertising

Professional Services

PC Management Partners professional services personnel are carefully selected and trained to perform according to the company’s high standards of excellence.

We realize that a good relationship between tenants and management is vital and attainable through responsible, friendly personnel.

PC Management Partners is comprised of a team of professionals including CPM in the real estate field. The CPM (Certified Property Manager) designation is awarded by the institute of real estate management. Property managers who have earned this distinction are recognized as professionals with experience and education, and who adhere to a strict code of professional ethical standards. Through our professional affiliations with the following institutions and associations, we assure all our clients of the highest professional standards in the property management and real estate industry:

The Real Estate Institute of Canada
The Canadian Real Estate Association
Institute of Real Estate Management
Ontario Real Estate Association
The Windsor-Essex County Real Estate Board